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Raivo (album)

Raivo is the second EP by Finnish rock band CMX. It is seen as their heaviest, most aggressive hardcore recording. One song, "Hiki", made it to their 1997 compilation album Cloaca Maxima. The Raivo EP, along with Johannes Kastaja, is included on the 2002 re-release Kolmikärki Gold.


Raivo is an Estonian male given name.

People named Raivo include:

  • Raivo Järvi (born 1954), artist, radio personality and politician, also known under the pseudonym of Onu Raivo (Uncle Raivo)
  • Raivo Kotov (born 1976), architect
  • Raivo Nõmmik (born 1977), football player
  • Raivo Puusepp (born 1960), architect
  • Raivo Seppo (born 1973), writer