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Raith may refer to:

  • Robert Ferguson of Raith (17671840), Scottish politician
  • John Melville of Raith (died 1548), Scottish laird executed for treason
  • Julius Raith (181962), German-American military officer
  • Sissy Raith (born 1960), German female association footballer
  • Thomas Raith, fictional vampire in the contemporary fantasy series The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.
Other uses
  • RĂ¡ith, an Irish word for ringfort
  • Raith, Fife, apparent one-time area of Fife
  • Raith, Ontario, a dispersed rural community and unincorporated area
  • Raith Rovers F.C., a Scottish association football club based in the town of Kirkcaldy, Fife

Usage examples of "raith".

All I got for my oh-so-clever maneuver was scraped fingertips and a good view of Lara Raith in gunfighting mode.

Lara Raith had the reflexes that were depressingly common in all of those vampire types, and she darted out of the way of the flames.

I might have taken her out with a surprise shot, but there was no chance at all that I could outshoot Lara Raith in a direct confrontation.

Shards of brittle bone protruded from both thighs and both knees, where Lara Raith had exercised her marksmanship.

I guess if Lord Raith could afford a house that size, he could afford a water heater to match it, because I ran the shower as hot as I could stand for almost half an hour and it never got cold.

For someone who was supposedly feeding on people through sex, Raith had done comparatively little begetting.

Then Raith set Thomas up again last year, at the duel with Ortega, but Thomas got through that one, too.

Maybe Raith was just taking over the business from some other player in the White Court.

Genosa thumbed his nose at Silverlight, it made Lord Raith look even weaker.

If Raith just popped a cap in Arturo, it would have been still another loss of face.

Arturo is back in the fold and Raith has reconsolidated his power base.

Houses of the White Court follow House Raith because they fear and respect my father.

By the standards of the Raith estate, I guess that qualified it as a cottage.

Lord Raith led us into the cave he called the Deeps, and the Bodyguard Barbie kept her gun on me while simultaneously remaining well out of easy reach.

After a long, precipitous slope into the earth, the Raith Deeps opened up into a cavern bigger than most Paris cathedrals.