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Rait is a small village in Perth and Kinross, Scotland. It lies north-west of Errol, in the Gowrie area west of Dundee. The former parish church, now ruined, was built in the Middle Ages, and abandoned in the 17th century when the parish of Rait was merged with Kilspindie. The remains of a prehistoric promontory fort lie to the east of the village. The 16th-century Fingask Castle is located to the north of the village, on the south-facing slopes of the Sidlaw Hills.

Rait (disambiguation)

Rait is a village in Scotland. Rait or RAIT may also refer to

  • Rait Castle in Scotland
  • Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology (RAIT) in India
  • RAIT Financial Trust in the United States
  • Rait (name)
Rait (name)

Rait may refer to the following people

Given name
  • Rait Käbin (born 1981), Estonian basketball coach and former player
  • Rait Keerles (born 1980), Estonian basketball player
  • Rait-Riivo Laane (born 1993), Estonian ,basketball player
  • Rait Rikberg (born 1982), Estonian volleyball player
Middle name
  • Rowan Rait Kerr (1891–1961), Irish-born cricketer and administrator
  • Alan Rait (1908–1965), Australian rules football player
  • James Rait (1689–1777), Scottish clergyman
  • John de Rait, 14th-century Scottish cleric
  • Mohamed Billal Rait (born 1986), Algerian football player
  • Reginald Logan Rait (1902–1975), British politician
  • Rita Rait-Kovaleva (1898–1989), Soviet literary translator and writer
  • Robert Rait (1874–1936), Scottish historian

Usage examples of "rait".

He used considerable subtlety in reaching his objective, which was information about Elmer Rait, an American of Columbus, Ohio, with whom I went to school, and with whom I was for several years in partnership until I decided it was not worth while to try to continue to get along with him.

Elmer Rait and I talked the same language, but thought from entirely opposed angles, and I came at last to the conclusion that he was rotten at the core, although he never did anything liable to get him into prison.

If memory serves, that was all the conferring we did as to whether or not we should follow Rait over the border.

Tyne had asked us again and again to suggest to him who might be the individual to whom Rait would direct a letter for delivery to me.

There was nobody else in Darjiling whom Rait would dare to trust and who, at the same time, was known to Rait to have been more or less in my confidence.

The white paper was filthy with finger-marks, torn here and there, and turned yellow in places with age, as if Rait had made use of such stuff as he found in the markets of Lhassa.

Tibetan to Rait sahib, continuing same for six months until discovered tearing secret notes out of a memorandum book.

Tsang-Mondrong probably is contemplating vengeance, hoping to trace Rait sahib by following us.

Grim said as much about Rait as could be told within the compass of a hundred words.

The same lure that had beckoned Rait and Mordecai, had stirred whatever it is that differentiates us men from mushrooms, in Chullunder Ghose, Narayan Singh, Grim and me.

It was plain enough that Rait had left Lhassa, had taken some trail leading westward, and had left that wallet buried by the road to mark the trail for me.

He followed Rait sahib across the border, beyond Gyangtse, to the land of U.

Understand, these people think that Mordecai and Rait were one and the same person.

I produced the letter Rait had written me from Lhassa and we compared the two.

The people Rait set out to reach, and whom we want to reach, are the students of Life, so to speak--much in the same way that Luther Burbank studies botany, for the love of it.