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Raisa or Raissa is a common female name in Russia and South Asia (as a feminine form of Rais)

Notable people named Raisa include:

  • Raisa Akhmatova, internationally recognized Chechen poet
  • Raisa Andriana, Indonesian singer
  • Raisa Blokh, Russian poet
  • Raisa Bogatyrova, Ukrainian politician
  • Raisa Etush, Russian actress
  • Raisa Gorbachova, wife of former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and a fundraiser for preservation of Russian heritage
  • Raissa Khan-Panni, English singer
  • Raissa Maritain, Russian-French philosopher and poet
  • Raisa Modorova, singer from the Altai Republic of Russia
  • Raisa Nedashkovskaya, Ukrainian and Soviet-era theater and cimema actress
  • Raisa Orlova, Soviet/Russian writer and Americanist
  • Raisa Smekhnova, former Soviet/Belarusian long-distance runner
  • Raisa Smetanina, former Soviet/Russian Nordic skiing champion
  • Raisa Surnachevskaya, Soviet World War II fighter pilot
Raisa (album)

Raisa is the debut album of an Indonesian pop singer, Raisa, released in 2011, by Universal Music Indonesia. The album compiles successful singles: "Serba Salah", "Apalah (Arti Menunggu)", "Could It Be" and "Melangkah".

"Raisa" reached commercial success, managed to rank first in Indonesian weekly album chart. All singles managed to reach the top three chart, with "Apalah (Arti Menunggu)" and "Could It Be" in the first position for seven and five weeks. Raisa managed to rank five in best-selling albums in Indonesia in 2012. The singles also made into the top 10 best-selling songs Indonesia 2012, with "Apalah (Arti Menunggu)" in the second position with a total of 9,780,500, "Could It Be "in the third position with a total of 8,788,620, and "Serba Salah" in the eighth position with a total of 5,972,500 sold.

Raisa (film)

Raisa is a short film directed and written by Pavel Cuzuioc starring Cristina Flutur.