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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
the rainy/wet/dry season (=when the weather is rainy, wet, dry etc)
▪ In the rainy season, roads became a quagmire.
▪ I’m so sick of this wet weather.
▪ As fro Billy, he never said much about that rainy day, the last of Auntie's life.
▪ But the result is satisfying and soulful, perfect rainy day fare.
▪ We should have been putting money by for a rainy day because that rainy day came.
▪ You know how your daddy tells you to put some of your money away for a rainy day?
▪ The mortgage traders offset the losses with profits they had squirreled away for a rainy day.
▪ It was a rainy day, a bad day in the heart.
▪ The groundbreaking was June 7, a rainy day in the Delta.
▪ I used them on many rainy days, and never once suffered from wet feet.
▪ One rainy night when car windows were sealed against me I came back soaked and with not a single sale to report.
▪ About a week later Lilly got a phone call in the middle of a rainy night.
▪ We spent a rainy night back at good old Lima.
▪ Following a rainy night, with only three casualties, one black and two whites, the riot ended.
▪ During the rainy season, Motabeng was subjected to a type of desert rain.
▪ When to go: To avoid the rainy season, travel mid-December to mid-May.
▪ Once the rainy season began in April, malaria, yellow fever, typhoid and scurvy began to take their toll.
▪ It was shallow, except during the rainy season.
▪ In the rainy season it offers little protection.
▪ The best time to hunt is during the August rainy season, when he fetches several a night.
▪ During the two months of the rainy season, they may do so every day.
▪ I asked if she came here often, and commented on the rainy season.
▪ The rainy weather had subsided into clear stillness and there was a slight frost lying across the fields.
▪ When the break in the dull, rainy weather came I decided on a day's search of the river foreshore.
▪ He is really surprised that some people left the Lake District disgusted by the rainy weather.
▪ One rainy night when car windows were sealed against me I came back soaked and with not a single sale to report.
▪ People in rainy maritime climates call it just water, and complain when it falls from heaven.
▪ Some 600 Boston University journalism students had braved a rainy Friday night in 1976 to hear a panel discussion on investigative reporting.
▪ The groundbreaking was June 7, a rainy day in the Delta.
▪ The morning was damp, though not rainy, the grey day just beginning.
▪ Who owns the whole rainy, stony earth?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rainy \Rain"y\ (r[=a]n"[y^]), a. [AS. regenig.] Abounding with rain; wet; showery; as, rainy weather; a rainy day or season.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English renig; see rain (n.) + -y (2).


a. Abounding with rain; wet; showery; as, rainy weather; a rainy day or season.

  1. adj. (of weather) wet by periods of rain; "showery weather"; "rainy days" [syn: showery]

  2. marked by rain; "their vacation turned out to be a series of rainy days" [syn: pluvial, pluvious]

  3. [also: rainiest, rainier]

Rainy (disambiguation)

Rainy refers to an abundance of rain.

Rainy may also refer to:

  • Rainy season, a specific time of year with when most of a region's average annual rainfall

Usage examples of "rainy".

I had been advanced to the rank of tribune in the Second Legion Adjutrix, and passed some months of a rainy autumn on the banks of the Upper Danube with no other companion than a newly published volume of Plutarch.

Shall I ever forget that rainy day in Lyons, that dingy bookshop, where I found the Aetius, long missing from my Artis bledicae Principes, and where I bought for a small pecuniary consideration, though it was marked rare, and was really tres rare, the Aphorisms of Hippocrates, edited by and with a preface from the hand of Francis Rabelais?

He ate blackberries along the hedges, minded the geese with a long switch, went haymaking during harvest, ran about in the woods, played hop-scotch under the church porch on rainy days, and at great fetes begged the beadle to let him toll the bells, that he might hang all his weight on the long rope and feel himself borne upward by it in its swing.

It is all inshore work on a very low coast all the way down to the Bight of Biafra, mangrove swamps and mud for hundreds of miles and mosquitoes so thick you can hardly breathe, particularly in the rainy season: though every now and then there are inlets, little gaps in the forest if you know where to look, and that is where the smaller schooners go, sometimes taking a full cargo aboard in a day.

He glozed the matter thus: he had persuaded the owner it was better to take a good tenant at a moderate loss, than to let the Bijou be uninhabited during the present rainy season.

While they had played the guard bugler had sounded a Watery Tattoo from the corner of the rainy muddy quad, and there had been a sudden influx of last minute pissers before they went to bed, and the CQ had come around and thrown the light switches in the squadrooms, and now in the darkened squadroom beyond the swinging saloon-doors of the latrine there were the heavy silences and soft stirrings of a great deal of sleep.

The weather was starting to change, he saw, as he headed back to the village: a coolish wind was blowing out of the south, a sign that the rainy season was on its way.

The drab wash of the rainy Auburn twilight leaked through the partially polarized window, giving the one-room doss a dull, tired illumination that perfectly suited my mood.

In dry climates this would seem to be unnecessary, but in rainy climates it may be wise in some instances to make alfalfa ensilage, the better to insure the curing of the crop.

The Greek and Latin historians do not speak favourably of it, and Strabo says it is very dangerous during the Etesian winds and in the rainy season.

Dair and Frain and my motherly affection for the pair of them, land aches and blisters, and grumbling on rainy days, and a feeling that each of us could depend on the others.

And, as though in his honour, it was dull, rainy weather on the day of his funeral, and we all wore goloshes and took our umbrellas.

Down the flight deck below, the jet turbines of twelve Harbin Z-9A helicopters began to spool up, reaching full power a few moments later, the main rotors of the big machines beginning to spin, beating the rainy air of the storm-darkened dusk.

There was something about his manner, the movement of his eyes, the quality of his smile, that reminded her of the toads that hid in the mud during the rainy season, only their eyes showing as they lurked for bugs.

She left it on the night table, for the truth was she did not know what to do with it, and there it stayed, unopened, for several days, until one rainy afternoon when Fermina Daza dreamed that Juvenal Urbino had returned to the house to give her the tongue depressor he had used to examine her throat.