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n. (plural of rail English)


n. a bar or bars of rolled steel making a track along which vehicles can roll [syn: track, rail]

Rails (film)

Rails'' (Italian:Rotaie'') is a 1929 Italian drama film directed by Mario Camerini and starring K├Ąthe von Nagy, Maurizio D'Ancora and Daniele Crespi. It was originally made as a silent film, but sound was later added. It was made at a time when the Italian film industry had dramatically declined in size, and was one of only a handful of films released that year.

Usage examples of "rails".

The large gate to Man Station has been moved to the Bell Street warehouse, in which the rails of course have not yet been laid.

Three black gate cars sat there exactly as he had imagined them: each a rectangular parallelepiped about 60 feet long, poised on gleaming rails extending forward to a large blue gate on the opposite wall.

Peter glanced around again, from the black car before the great doors, to the rails terminating at a great blue square, to the windows high overhead.

Climb up on one of these rails and scream your secret to all these jokers?

In regard to the rails for my gate car on the Man Station side: I am at a loss how to align them with the warehouse rails.

Trenches will be cut in the concrete floor and new concrete poured around the rails, sinking them six inches so that they will rise four inches above the floor when they contact the gate.

Astoria looked critically along the two rails, one well set nearly flush in concrete, the other standing above the trench on its shims.

The nearest coal-black construct squatted on its wide rails, 60 feet long and nearly ten feet square in cross-section.

The recording shows that your rails stop a half inch short of the gate square.

Whenever the gate activates, the rails on this side will extrude enough diamond to close that gap.

But notice the rails on this side of the gate, leading to yonder black car.

Saturday, 18870723:0542 He led woman and girl across the huge expanse of Gate Hall, between the great black cars waiting at the end of their silvery rails, to the right-hand gate on the opposite wall and through it to the executive suite via the new yellow room with its clothes hooks.

He thought it a warehouse until he saw the strange black car squatting upon rails that spanned the length of the room.

Burton, help those people off the rails and put them under arrest, too.

Sir George has engaged Roylston and Roylston to lay rails and carpenters for interior fittings, but the work is not to begin until Monday next.