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n. (plural of railcar English)

Railcars (band)

Railcars is a San Francisco-based shitgaze project of Aria C Jalali. For the project's initial release, Jalali teamed up with Xiu Xiu front man Jamie Stewart to produce his follow up EP "Cities vs Submarines" in 2008 (released on Gold Robot Records). Jalali has said he will not be teaming with Stewart again to produce his next album, "Cathedral with no eyes," due to logistical reasons, namely Stewart's move to North Carolina. Railcars' music is described as having "pastel-coloured vocals suitably warped, but with a low-cut frenetic backdrop surrounding them."


Railcars can be:

  • a type of self-propelled railway vehicle, see Railcar;
  • a Railroad car – another type of railway vehicle, pulled by a locomotive;
  • a San Francisco band, see Railcars (band).