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rail guns

n. (rail gun English)

Usage examples of "rail guns".

The XO was extra busy coordinating the activities of the starship's departments because of the campaign to kill the rail guns and didn't have time for routine messages from merchant starships, so the message sat in his in-tray for a couple of days.

Besides the usual rockets and drones, nine of them had rail guns, and the tenth had an X-ray laser.

But armor is not effective against the Disappearing Gun, or indeed against the rail guns that your people have used in the past.

The Skinks' rail guns had caught the Marines by surprise on Kingdom, so they might have something new now.

They didn't know whether Skinks or other enemy were left alive in the valley, or if they had rail guns or other antiaircraft weapons, but Sturgeon wasn't going to risk losing a hopper and everybody in it if there were.

The problem was that rail guns were notoriously inaccurate, which is why the plane wasn't armed with them.

Way back over a hundred years ago, round 1986, the people hereabouts spent a hundred million dollars on rail guns.

Peter was busy blowing things up on the eastern range of Vieques, working at that time on rail guns, huge cumbersome devices that shot super-charged particles via what seemed now like medieval technology.

The Ajecerras and the Validente were the fleets two battlers, eighty thousand tonners with mag-rail guns of their own, spinal mounts normally used for planetary bombardment.