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Raike is a village and Union council of Phalia Tehsil, Mandi Bahauddin District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is located at 32°25'60 N & 73°37'0 E with an altitude of 205 metres above from sea level and lies about 8km west of Phalia on the Gujrat- Phalia Road. The nearest police station is Phalia Police Station, which is in Phalia city. Population of village is round about 4000. Most of the population are farmers by profession in this village. Muhammad Tariq Tarar Member National Assembly of Pakistan & Parliamentary Secretary for Information and Broadcasting is also belong from Raike.

Usage examples of "raike".

That leaves Mary and Tom Raikes and young Charlie Raikes, their son, and the gardener.

Mary Raikes came out through the kitchen door as we approached and I introduced Sergeant Beef.

By the way, Raikes told me about the key of the medicine chest being found in your room.

Raikes was clerking for, and could see Raikes with his big ledger quite clearly.

I did not mention that Beef was with me, but knowing Tom Raikes I felt that he probably guessed the reason I wanted to see him.

Having won several pints off them, we were just finishing the last game when Tom Raikes walked in.

Tom Raikes, the husband, had gone off again, with, I suspected, some portion of the money my aunt had left Mary his wife.

British nuclear submarine commanders feared by every other navy, Raikes has been on secondment to the Cabinet Office for the past eighteen months.

When Raikes first came to the job he was cautious when talking to ministers, nowadays he finds it easy.

The letter empowers Raikes to take any necessary steps to preserve the peace and secure essential services.

At her words, Raikes feels his throat go dry for the first time since the emergency started.

The pilot shouts to Raikes to hang on and with a lurch they touch down on the pink tarmac of the main square outside the turnstiles.

From five hundred feet Raikes can see planes and helicopters queuing on the apron, among them several military transports.

Get your men over to the marinas, Raikes instructs him, and collect up all the inflatables and small boats you can find.

It is at the Barrier that they must fight the holding action, Raikes tells her.