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Raighu was the most prolific and the last of the great Apabhramsha poets. He also supervised the pratishtha of the many, perhaps most of the Jain idols carved on the hill side in the Gwalior Fort during the rule of Tomar Dungarsingh.

He wrote many books during sam. 1440-1530 (1383–1468), and is mentioned as the supervising scholar in several inscriptions in the Gwalior fort.

He was born in the Padmavati Purval Jain community, as he himself acknowledged. He was a lay disciple of Bramha Shripal, who was a disciple of Bhattaraka Yashahkiriti of Kashtha Sangh.

His known works are:

  • Appa Samboha Kavva: (literally addressing myself)
  • Sammat Gunanihana: written on the request of Goel Agrawal Kamal Singh in sam 1492.
  • Sammai Jinachariu: (life of Lord Mahavira) written on the request of Bramha Khelha, the son of Agrawal Sahu Tosau of Hisar. Bramha Khela has an idol of Chandraprabha carved in the Gwalior fort of "11 hand" height. The book also gives a history of the family of Sahu Tosau since the time of Feroze Shah.
  • Sukaushal Chariu
  • Savaya Chariu: at the request of Golalare Sandhadhip Kusharaj
  • Balahadda Chariu: at the request of Agrawal Sahu Harsi.
  • Mesehar Chariu
  • Ritthanemi Chariu
  • Dhanakumar Chariu
  • Anathmi Kaha
  • Siddhantartha Sar
  • Vrattasar
  • Punnasava kahakosa
  • Jivandhar Chariu
  • Siripal Chariu
  • Dashalakshana Jayamala
  • Shodhashakarana Jayamala

Some of his texts are still being discovered in Jain libraries. A Raighu Award, named after him, of Rs. 21,000 is given every year by the Shyamlal Shastri Trust in Firozabad.