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A moment later Corbie Meese also dismounted, and the two clansmen came forward, offering Drey and Raif their mounts.

By the time Raif caught up with him, Drey had smeared the grass over the trunk of a frost-killed pine, forming a roughly circular target, wet with snowmelt and grass sap.

Unsettled, Raif centered his bow and searched for the still line that would lead his arrow home.

Offering Raif his hand, he heaved his t brother off the ground with a single tug.

Drey, Raif pushed aside the tent flap and struck out into the rapidly darkening camp.

From the bulky look of the packs, Raif guessed Drey had chosen to carry the heaviest bundles himself.

As he suspected, the packs Drey had left were light, and Raif shrugged them on his back like a coat.

Noticing that Raina Blackhail was one of the few who remained silent, Raif spoke up, addressing his words to her alone.

His lips curled, and for half an instant Raif thought he was about to smile.

Raif s, and in that instant Raif knew he was dealing with something worse than a craven.

The small, fair-haired man, whose quiet ways disguised the fiercest swordsman in the clan, looked from Drey to Raif as he spoke.

There was little choice here: Raif loved his brother and respected Shor Gormalin too much to hold out against them.

Drey to Raif, then over to Mace Blackhail, who was busy hefting the saddle from the roan.

Even before he had made a decision where to go, Raif exited the entrance hall.

With his back turned to the clan, he sent Raif a look filled with malice.