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Could not find any definition of word "raht"

Usage examples of "raht".

Ganiks farmed raht and lived raht and done raht by the land and the gods.

Kuhmbuhluhners and awl, and they shore fer to hit us, heanh, raht soon.

I jes' jumped ovuh an' grabbed me thet ol' spear whut thet bastard had jest done pullted outen ol' Harry, an' I jerkted it an' he hung awnta it and I pulled him raht awfen his boss an' his hardhat come awf when he hit the groun' an' he let go thet ol' spear too.

An' it served him raht, too, cause we hadn't done nuthin' to neithuh one of 'em, an' jest drivin' crosst a feller's pasture ain't no call to kill 'em, is it?

See, theyve got this Freedom of the Press thing, so when anybody takes out a killing lahcense he got to tell the reporters raht away.