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Rahm is the surname of:

  • Bror Yngve Rahm (born 1955), Norwegian politician
  • Christina Rahm (c. 1760–1837), Swedish actress and opera singer
  • John Rahm (1854–1935), American golfer
  • Johnny Rahm (1965–2004), American actor
  • Karl Rahm (1907–1947), German SS-Sturmbannführer, commandant of the Theresienstadt concentration camp
  • Kevin Rahm (born 1971), American actor
  • Philippe Rahm (born 1967), Swiss architect

Rahm is also a given name, deriving from the Hebrew רחמים (mercy) or רמ (high, lofty):

  • Rahm Emanuel (born 1959), American politician, Mayor of Chicago
Rahm (film)

Rahm (also spelled 'Rehm') is an upcoming Pakistani drama film, which is based on William Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure. It is written and produced by Mahmood Jamal and its directed by Ahmed Jamal. Sanam Saeed, Sunil Shanker, Sajid Hasan and Nayyar Ejaz play lead roles in the film. The film's plot will be based on honesty, justice, love and unity.