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Rahim (Raḥīm , also anglicized as Raheem) is one of the names of God in Islam, meaning "Merciful", from the root R-Ḥ-M. It is also used as a personal male name, short for Abdu r-Raḥīm "Servant of the Merciful".

People with this name:

  • Rahim Ademi, Croatian Army general (b. 1954)
  • Raheem J. Brennerman, American businessman
  • Raheem Brock, American football defensive end
  • Rahim Jaffer, Canadian politician
  • Rahim Jahani, Afghan singer
  • Raheem Jarbo, American rapper better known as "Mega Ran"
  • Rahim Mehryar, Afghan singer
  • Raheem Morris, defensive backs coach of the Washington Redskins of the National Football League
  • Raheem Orr, American football defensive end
  • Raheem Sterling, English footballer
  • Rahim Zafer, Turkish footballer