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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

in cheers, 1870, a shortening of hurrah. Adjective rah-rah is attested from 1907, originally indicating college life generally, later enthusiastic cheerleading.


a. (context British English) posh. interj. An exclamation of encouragement. n. (context British English) A person (especially a student) with a posh accent who looks down on those who are 'common'.


RAH or Rah may refer to:

Rah (slang)

Rah is a pejorative term referring to a stereotypical affluent young upper class or upper-middle class person (male or female) in the United Kingdom. The characteristics of a rah are similar to those of the Sloane Ranger stereotype also recognised in the UK, though a rah is generally younger, typically around university age (18–25). An important feature of the rah stereotype is the enjoyment of an affluent/party lifestyle with excessive financial assistance from their parents.

The term is possibly an onomatopoeic reference to how those fitting the stereotype are perceived to talk, with the word 'rah' being associated with upper-middle class affluence since at least the early 1980s.

Rah (Mark Murphy album)

Rah is a 1961 studio album by Mark Murphy, arranged by Ernie Wilkins.

This was Murphy's first Riverside Records album, and he is supported by an orchestra including such luminaries as Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, Urbie Green, Ernie Royal, Clark Terry and Jimmy Cobb.

Rah (album)

Rah is an album by American jazz drummer Billy Hart recorded in 1987 and released on the Gramavision label.

Usage examples of "rah".

The reigning sovereign is Seyid Mahomed Rahim Khan who succeeded his father in 1865.

Thoheeks Rahs was sprawled dead on the road, and it was doubtful if Thoheeks Kahnuh would see the rise of Sacred Sun.