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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Raggie \Rag"gie\ (r[a^]g"g[i^]), or Raggy \Rag"gy\, a. Ragged; rough. [Obs.] ``A stony and raggie hill.''


a. 1 raglike; like a rag. 2 scruffy; tending to dress in rags. 3 Similar in style to ragtime music.

Usage examples of "raggy".

She pulled her raggy sleeve down over one hand, and mopped, ineffectually.

As it turned out, her provincial posh accent and private-school manners clashed with her raggy, unwashed clothes.

Sharona, but Smitty was a little to the left, his grinning face and raggy beard hanging over the barrel of the blaster.

She moved like a shambling kid in a school corridor, raggy and sullen.

Miss Mouse, but I needs to patch me up this old raggy sweater, and that little piece of blanket is just the right size.

So when the lady sewed that blue scrap onto that raggy old sweater, what do you know?

She remembered lying in her starched bed, her hair in two pigtails, clutching the Raggy that her dead mother had made her, listening to the martens twittering under the caves.

They stood on raggy patches of Astroturf, slamming golf balls into the screens.

Glossy, raggy black rooks circled the elms where stick-nests bulged like cancers of the twigs within parasols of leaves.

I am, thought Alice miserably, in a raggy T-shirt and my oldest jeans, the ones with the shapeless behind.

I turned round to see what had caused the disturbance: a raggy, Finnish drunk had fallen to the floor, his flies were undone and there was fag ash on his breath.

The blackbirds were singing and my pet blue tits were already scurrying between feeding ground and nest, their beaks stuffed with caterpillars and their feathers growing raggy with the non-stop effort.

His raggy cloak stood out from his shoulders like ripped wings and the yellow braid flew above it.

Brak wiped his sword on his raggy cloak, forced a smile to his aching face.

He flung the skin away, hunched down on his side, tugged his raggy cloak up tight around him.