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Usage examples of "ragg".

He glanced down at his Ragg wool half-gloves and smoothed his right hand over his left.

He wore the same green flight jacket, the same dark wool sweater, the same Ragg wool half-gloves he had worn the night before.

Her gray Ragg socks reminded Paul of his own half-forgotten days in the mountains.

Balancing on one leg, she pulled on her Ragg socks, then tiptoed out of the room, carrying her boots and parka.

But, Law bless you, I promise you, he punished my champagne, and had a party ere every night--reglar tip-top swells, down from the clubs and the West End--Capting Ragg, the Honorable Deuceace, who lives in the Temple, and some fellers as knows a good glass of wine, I warrant you.