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n. 1 (lb en uncommon) One who rages. 2 (lb en slang) A party, particularly a large, wild party (gloss: social event). 3 (lb en slang) A raging erection; a massive erection of the penis.

Usage examples of "rager".

On the screen, a graphic overlay of a red circle glowed brightly around one of the ships for a moment, corresponding to commands Vale saw Rager giving to her ops panel.

Only Lieutenants Jaza and Rager seemed oblivious to the subdued feelings of everyone else.

Lieutenant Rager, I want you to monitor the Romulan communications channels.

Lieutenant Rager and Ensign Lavena entered course corrections into their respective conn and ops consoles, Riker turned to Vale, who was seated at his right.

Ensign Aili Lavena and Cadet Zurin Dakal exchanged amused looks with Lieutenant Rager, who stood nearby.

My python boots and suede-fringed mini skirts almost never see an all-night rager any more.

Benetton downtown to pick up something to wear for the rager on Friday?

I mean, technically, these barbie ragers stole about a hundred million dollars from legitimate stockholders.

Everywhere he looked he saw the minions of the Sith: battle ragers, assassins, and apprentices.