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Ragam (festival)

Ragam is the annual inter-college fest conducted by the National Institute of Technology, Calicut. Ragam blends a series of fine-arts, socio-cultural and literary events, along with a variety of workshops, exhibitions and informal events. The fest attracts thousands of visitors to the campus annually, and is one of the biggest cultural fests in India.

Ragam (disambiguation)

Ragam is one of the melodic modes used in Indian classical music.

Ragam may also refer to:

  • Ragam (festival), an annual cultural festival hosted by the National Institute of Technology Calicut
  • Ragam Thanam Pallavi, a form of singing in Carnatic music
Ragam (surname)

Ragam surname (in Telugu రాగం) is commonly used surname by Kapu or Telaga caste people lives in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states of India.

The people with Ragam surname belongs to Palangula Gotra who lives in coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh in districts Guntur and Krishna district on the banks of Krishna River.
In Kapu culture surnames have less importance compare to caste names when recognizing people. Ragam surname is used by mostly Telaga subcaste of Kapu caste whose last name ends with Naidu title.
For example the name Ragam Srinivasulu Naidu'' involves 3 parts:
'' is surname
Srinivasulu'' is Given name and
'' is caste name refers to Kapu caste

But in recent days most of the population not using caste titles in their names but only using surnames to recognize their lineage.

Kapu naidus who are different from Kamma naidu in the same region.