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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rafte \Raf"te\ (r[.a]f"te), obs. imp. of Reave.


vb. (context obsolete English) (past participle of reave English)

Usage examples of "rafte".

The ten stones were rafted down from Silverspring and the rafts linked together into the structure Iril had planned.

You know a heap more about getting out bridge timber than I do, while I expect I know more about river rafting than you do.

Although the Professor pointed out the broad patch almost at once as the Milky Way, Jonathan was already aware of the name and was wondering what it might be like to be rafting away down a river of stars.

Ahab Adrift THE company spent most of the next two days rafting downriver to Hightower Village.

Antarctica had spun away from the other pieces of southern Pangaea, soon traveling so far that no land bridge, no rafting was possible.

And happed that, allone as she was born, He saugh a mayde walkynge hym biforn, Of whiche mayde anon, maugree hir heed, By verray force he rafte hir maydenhed.

He slow and rafte the skyn of the leoun, He of Centauros leyde the boost adoun, He arpies slow, the crueel bryddes felle, He golden apples refte of the dragoun, He drow out Cerberus the hound of helle.