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Rafik is the given name of:

  • Rafik Al-Hariri (1944–2005), business tycoon, former Prime Minister of Lebanon
  • Rafik Berzi (born 1957), French-born Egyptian businessman, founder of Hotello (, living in Quebec, Canada
  • Rafik Bouderbal (born 1987), French-born Algerian player currently playing for ES Sétif in the Algerian Championnat National
  • Rafik Deghiche (born 1983), Algeria) Algerian football player currently playing as a forward for USM Alger in the Algerian league
  • Rafik Djebbour (born 1984), French-born Algerian football player currently playing as a striker for AEK Athens in the Greek Super League
  • Rafik Haj Yahia (born 1949), Israeli Arab politician, member of the Knesset for the Labor Party and One Nation
  • Rafik Halliche (born 1986), Algerian footballer who currently plays for C.D. Nacional in the Portuguese first division
  • Rafik Kamalov, popular imam in Kyrgyzstan who was shot and killed 7 August 2006, in Osh, by Kyrgyz special forces
  • Rafik Khachatryan (1937–1993), Armenian sculptor
  • Rafik Khalifa (born 1966), Algerian businessman living in London
  • Rafik Maatouf, Moroccan footballer
  • Rafik Saïfi (born 1975), Algerian professional football player who is currently playing for FC Istres
  • Rafik Schami (born 1946), Syrian-German author, storyteller and critic

It may also refer to:

  • Abdessamad Rafik (born 1982), Moroccan football player who plays for Al-Wahda
  • Vlado Goreski, Macedonian artist using the stage name Rafik

Usage examples of "rafik".

Gill said in such a soppy tone that both Rafik and Calum gave him an odd look.

Body weight was the critical factor and Rafik used the mineral scales to weigh her and then the powder.

Then Rafik came over, showing them the readout on the atmosphere gauge.

She had a bit of trouble getting her oddly shaped fingers to hit just the keys she wanted until Rafik made up a keyboard with spacings appropriate to her manual dexterity.

Judit had control of the gurney, Rafik sprang forward and grabbed her from behind.

Acorna up in one arm, and Calum held the doors while he and Rafik and Judit made their exit.

As soon as the doors swung shut behind them, Rafik dropped the pretense of holding Judit at knife point.

Once the onerous task was completed, Rafik reprogrammed the navigation computer for the destination he still refused to reveal, and all three men slept as much as possible on the way to planetfall.

Hadith, but he controlled himself and gave properly courteous answers as Rafik went on to inquire about the health of innumerable cousins, nephews, and distant connections.

But Rafik had said Hafiz was a collector of rarities and had implied that he was not overburdened with scruples.

The placement of brass trays on three-legged wooden stands, the handing round of minute glasses full of fiery liquor and delicate bowls of fruit-flavored sorbet, took what seemed to Gill an inordinately long time while Hafiz and Rafik chatted of trivialities.

He would, however, be happy to arrange the entire matter, if Rafik could see his way to putting sufficient credit at his disposal.

She was still fumbling for her veil when Hafiz and Rafik came into view.

The robes were enough to keep her warm, but she was unable to recreate the drapery of hood and robe and face veils that Rafik had arranged about her the previous day.

Uncle Hafiz sounded more relaxed than Rafik had ever heard him, almost jovial.