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To this day neither of them even knew which one finally delivered the blow that sent Rafar plummeting into the abyss.

His body was stiff, his fists clenched as tightly as ever, and though he was visibly trembling, he purposely returned the glaring look of Rafar and stood his ground.

Complacency, but Rafar quickly took hold of him and spoke with noxious fumings right into his face.

Ba-al Rafar, still wanting a very low profile, had entrusted this task to him, and for this night at least Lucius was back in his old glory.

With a mighty thrust of his arm, Rafar cast Complacency headlong into the abyss.

Not until the prayer cover is sufficient and we know why Rafar is here.

Cloaked by oppressive spiritual darkness and silent as a black cloud, Ba-al Rafar, the Prince of Babylon, floated along.

As Rafar dropped closer, he noted a concentration of black spirits around a large multistoried stone house on the fringe of the cluster.

For several horrible minutes the demons made violent sport with him as Rafar coldly watched.

Lucius stood with the other warriors, waiting for Rafar to calm down and give the reason for calling this meeting.

Obviously Rafar, the great braggart, had been cut down to size in his meeting with the Strongman!

Down below, through the window of an obscure store basement, Scion watched as Rafar passed overhead again.

Scion watched Rafar circle over the far side of the town and come back for another pass.

They were wary and alert, and Triskal, still recovering from his recent encounter with Rafar, felt especially edgy when he considered where they were leading Hank.

Let Rafar humble himself enough to ask, Lucius would not be his lackey.