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RAF (disambiguation)

RAF is the Royal Air Force, the air force of the United Kingdom.

RAF or Raf may also refer to:

Raf (singer)

Raffaele Riefoli (born September 29, 1959 in Margherita di Savoia, Italy) is an Italian singer- songwriter who is better known as simply Raf.

Usage examples of "raf".

Cause of sinking 31 Mar U 682 Tienemann RAF AC 2 Apr U321 Berends Polish Sqdn.

Beyke would like to meet the other guests, and when she had urged Raf to persuade Beyke to come, he had done so with every appearance of pleasure.

She was stitching with apparent calm when the door opened and Raf and Beyke came in.

Suppose you went to Wing Commander Dobbie and said you were going to stop flying and leave the RAF because you were in love.

At the top was a pixelated mugshot of Raf, still wearing dreadlocks and beard.

Raf told himself and lifted a bunch of red flowers from a bucket in front of a store near the corner of al-Atarinne and Rue Faud Premier.

To be nearer the aeroplanes he got a job as an aero-engine fitter at the flying club that shared the field with the RAF reservists.

Many times Gerd had taken his van and gone with them into the Ruhr after a big RAF attack.

But there was no line of RAF men in blue serge standing to attention for Winston Churchill to inspect, no flyby of a squadron of Pioneers or Meteors to impress him with what Fred Hipple and his team had accomplished in jet propulsion.

RAF had been in the days when he was working under Group Captain Fred Hipple, desperately trying to learn all he could about Lizard radars and jet engines.

Fred Hipple, the RAF would have had to go on fighting the Lizards with Hurricanes and Spitfires, not jets.

The concrete-stained sandals and filthy jellaba identified Raf as a man mostly used to casual gRaft.

And then Raf stopped letting the different bits of himself talk to each other and started to listen to the sound of a sea that had vanished millions of years before, after the Chott el Jerid finally separated from the Mediterranean to become first an inland sea, then a lake and ultimately the flood-prone salt flats it finally became.

Raf was still writing headlines in his head when Kamila walked over to another trolley and pulled back the sheet, exposing the face and shoulders of a blonde teenager.

Felix smiled sweetly and dragged Raf from the room before Kamila had time to refuse.