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Raeth (band)

Raeth are an Indian- Pakistani sufi pop rock band composed of two member.

The band was initially formed by four students — Wajhi Farooki (vocals), Sunny Ghansham (rhythm guitarist), Mustafa Asad (bass) and Former Members Hasan Farabi (lead guitar), in 2006.

Their debut single "Bhula Do" became the number one on MTV Top Charts next to Kailash Kher's Song Saaiyan.

The band worked on the remake of the film Zanjeer, starring Priyanka Chopra, alongside musical director Chirtan Bhatt.

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Usage examples of "raeth".

Only two of them lagged: Gedwin who was both old and weakened from his wounds, and Raeth Journeyman who could fare no quicker than a painful hobble.

Minda followed almost on their heels, dragging Raeth the last few steps.

When they reached the bottom of the slope, Minda gave Raeth up to the care of an erl and rushed ahead of the others.