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Will Hawk, Bailie the Red, a dozen yearmen and tied clansmen, Raina Blackhail, Merritt Ganlow, and the clan guide Inigar Stoop.

Mad Binny took command of the room, detailing how the broth should be made and the fish cooked, directing Raina to the woodpile for firewood, and Effie to the storage chest for hard liquor.

Raina almost knew what Mad Binny would say next, and she did not want to hear it.

Noticing that Raina Blackhail was one of the few who remained silent, Raif spoke up, addressing his words to her alone.

Raina Blackhail and the small swordsman Shor Gormalin, who stood at her back.

Out of the corner of her eye Raina spotted pretty Lansa Tanner, her cheeks dusted with flour, fussily chopping carrots.

Raina had been his first lover, and Raina had been into sadomasochism on a scale that made a joke out of safe, sane, and consensual.

They suspected Raina and the Shanks had concealed her, but the Shanks and the Blackhail hammermen had closed ranks: Effie was one of their own, and no one was going to find her, so help them gods.

Raina, the problem is that this whole treaty fights issue is pretty dicey right now, and people are circling thdr wagons up here.

Talon relieved them of their stunners, handing one to Raina, who took it reluctantly, keeping her other arm wrapped around his chest.

You're in the midst of a Kontrin matter-Kont' Raen, seri, with profound apologies.

Raina emerged from the bush holding a blue fox by the scruff of its neck.

Moving around the small cell where Effie slept alone, Raina Blackhail plucked oilskin, dog mitts, and a wool coat from the chair and the dog hook where they had been neatly hung or folded.

Effie had since told Raina that the black liquid was nothing more than charcoal mixed with malt liquor, and Raina believed her .

There wasn't enough Raina in me yet to put my tongue in an open wound.