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n. (plural of rad English)

Usage examples of "rads".

In many ways, rads were polar opposites to Perkinites, pushing for empowerment of the var underclass through restructuring all of the rules, political and biological.

The rads sourly disparaged the Grange Head Clipper, which featured mostly commodities prices, along with bickering among candidates in upcoming elections, to be held in a month, on Farsun Day.

Next were twenty-one rads, partners in the bold scheme to hustle Renna from captivity.

In high spirits after their successful foray, the rads were talkative, excited, and clearly better educated than the average var.

The southlanders scarcely concealed their contempt for the idealistic rads, but seemed happy to take their pay.

Apparently, the rads had designs to keep Renna busy while they sheltered him and dickered with the Reigning Council.

The rads sitting around him must be bored out of their mind one part of her contemplated with some satisfaction.

The rads knew their odds were better in a melee, though at inevitable cost.

Several headed straight toward where Naroin and most of the other rads went on, blithely unaware, confidently dealing with more groping hands at the rail.

All this talk about heretics and rads and Kings, it got me thinking about a family I knew, back in Joannaborg, who followed the Yeown Path.

That included not only the men of the Manitou, but also the rads, and perhaps even recent recruits, such as Leie.

The rads might be imprisoned on the Manitou, but Maia doubted Renna would be kept anywhere so insecure.

If the rads could take over Manitou, then lay doggo while Maia snuck near the sanctuary entrance, they might at a chosen moment create enough distraction to let her slip inside.

Thalia, Captain Poulandres, Baltha, Kau, most of the rads, most of the reavers, nearly all of the Manitou crew, including the young navigator who had helped Maia and her twin find their way through the dazzling complexity of the world-wall.

Also the myriad smaller rads, which were like boulders of every size arrayed in patterns all across Oria.