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Rado (watchmaker)

Rado is a Swiss high range manufacturer of watches, with headquarters in Lengnau, Switzerland. It is noted for its use of scratch-proof materials, a field in which it is considered a pioneer. Today the company produces about half a million watches a year with a staff of about 470 in total. Rado's watches are obtainable in more than 150 countries, at over 5900 points of sale. The most important markets are Southeast Asia, Japan, China, India, Middle East as well as countries within Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Italy) and the USA.


Rado may refer to:

  • Rado (watch maker), a Swiss watch company

People with the given name Rado include:

  • Rado (mayor of the palace), a Burgundian notable during the early 7th century
  • Rado (palatine), a Hungarian noble who died in 1057

People with the surname Rado or Radó include:

  • Alexander Radó (1899–1981), Hungarian-born cartographer and Soviet military intelligence agent
  • Christian Rado (born 1975), American racing driver
  • Elisabeth Radó (1899–1986), Yugoslavian opera singer
  • Gaby Rado (1955–2003), Hungarian-born British television journalist
  • James Rado (born 1932), American actor
  • Richard Rado (1906–1989), German mathematician
  • Sándor Radó (1890–1972), Hungarian-American psychoanalyst
  • Tibor Radó (1895–1965), Hungarian mathematician

People with the stage name Rado include:

  • Song Joo-young (born 1984), member of music producer team Black Eyed Pilseung
Rado (mayor of the palace)

Rado (or Radon), a brother of Audoin/Ouen and son of Saint Authaire (Audecharius), was the mayor of the palace of Burgundy from 613 to 617.

He, along with Warnachar, Pepin of Landen, and Saint Arnulf, abandoned the cause of the queen Brunhilda and the young king Sigebert II and joined with Clotaire II, promising not to rise in defence of the queen-regent and recognising Clotaire as rightful regent and guardian of Sigebert. He was confirmed in his mayoralty by Clotaire, who also confirmed Warnachar as mayor of Austrasia. "Rado (who, like Audoin, spent much of his career as court referendary), was the founder in about 630 of the monastery at Reuil-en-Brie, which from his name was called Radolium.

On Rado's death, Warnachar was confirmed in Burgundy and Austrasia was given to another.

Rado (palatine)

Rado (; died 1057) was a noble in the Kingdom of Hungary, who served as palatine around 1057, during the reign of Andrew I of Hungary.

As palatine, Rado donated some land estates to the Abbey of Szávaszentdemeter (; today Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia) in 1057. He died in that same year. Later his widow, Lucia commemorated her orphaned relatives in a charter.

His name is Slavic. It is possible that Rado was a descendant of Gabriel Radomir, a son of Bulgar Emperor Samuel (r. 997–1014).