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Master Radly, he'd told his son, had gifts beyond the natural for bow making.

Less experienced bowyers were likely to ruin half a dozen staves for every bow they came out with, but Radly and his apprentices had the knack.

As he lowered the bow, applause erupted behind him and he turned to find Seregil, Radly, and several apprentices grinning approval.

Master Radly had included an oilskin bow case and a covered quiver in the price of the bow, to which Alec had added a score of arrows, linen twine and wax for bowstrings, and packets of red and white fletching.

But none had seen anything quite like his Black Radly, and curiosity almost always led to friendly shooting contests.

Alec exclaimed, pulling the limbs of the Radly from the case and fitting it together.