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radio emission

n. an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between 0.5 cm to 30,000 m [syn: radio wave, radio radiation]

Usage examples of "radio emission".

Naval Research Laboratory, found Venus to be a much more intense source of radio emission than had been expected.

An oxygen atmosphere with appreciable quantities of methane would almost certainly be a sign of life, as would modulated radio emission.

It was a report of radio emission from the vicinity of the Eater's orbit.

Operating at a wavelength of a few centimeters, they could resolve sources of radio emission as small as the inner solar system if they were as faraway as the center of the Galaxy.

I hooked the broadcaster in parallel with the effector circuits, so the computer's output not only controlled the boat as usual but also modulated the radio emission.

No radio emission comes from Planet A, or anything else in any part of the whole electromagnetic spectrum.

We did not really believe that we had picked up signals from another civilization, but obviously the idea had crossed our minds and we had no proof that it was an entirely natural radio emission.