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Usage examples of "radik".

I was sure Timon and Radik were as strong and fast and skilled at the task that lay ahead as the usual crew he brought.

The second he moved onto the small concrete patio, both Timon and Radik advanced through the kitchen toward the door.

The ride home with the sleeping Harvey and the English-challenged Radik was completely silent, leaving me plenty of time to wonder.

Other than Harvey asleep in his bed and Radik patrolling outside, we were completely alone, yet he still insisted on the cone of silence.

He gave me detailed instructions on how to reach Radik if I needed help.

A stray dog turd, red with meaty undigestible food coloring, is embossed with the RadiKS logo, a mirror image of which is printed on the tread of each spoke.

Which is why on an expensive skateboard, like this one definitely is, you can get, as an extra added safety feature, the RadiKS Narrow Cone Tuned Shock Wave Projector.