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Sabin made adjustments as Radd provided specs and monitored the readouts.

Next to her, barely topping her shoulder, stood Radd, his arm casually draped around her waist.

Astonished, he realized she had not only listened to Radd, but allowed him to touch her.

He glared at his former ship mechanic turned traitor, but Radd just smiled back guilelessly.

Sabin seethed, wanting to be free of the shackles, but knowing Radd was right.

Then his perusal moved to Lionia, Radd, and Sabin, who stood outside the cockpit.

Gavlok and the armigers exchanged knowing smiles and Radd and Hulo pretended indifference.

Gavlok and the squires sat in silence, stupefied by the enormity of the disaster, the Mountain Swordsman Radd Falcontop spoke up.

No one had touched him except Radd Falcontop, who had pronounced him dead.

Sir Gavlok is your new commander until I recover, but I appoint Hulo and Radd to organize the camp in the ravine as they think best for the security and comfort of the group.

Still acrouch, Radd drew his long dagger and assumed a righting stance.

The captives were then consigned to a dark nook in the guardroom while Gavlok, Hanan, Radd, and Hulo assumed their identities.

All save prostrate Radd Falcontop rushed to the eastern side of the tower to watch, exclaiming in wonderment and morbid speculation.

Gavlok and Induna crouching protectively over Valdos and Radd, who still lay unconscious.

Norrin Radd, who had never been able to accept the apathy and sloth that characterized his fellow ZennLavians.