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Etymology 1 n. An unincorporated community in West Virginia Etymology 2

n. (alternative capitalisation of rada English)


Råda is a locality situated in Hagfors Municipality, Värmland County, Sweden with 448 inhabitants in 2010.

Rada (disambiguation)

Rada is a council in several Slavic countries.

Rada or RADA may also refer to:

Rada (fiqh)

Raḍāʿ or riḍāʿa ( Arabic: رضاع, رضاعة) is a technical term from Sunni Islamic jurisprudence meaning "the suckling which produces the legal impediment to marriage of foster-kinship". The term derives from the infinitive noun of the Arabic word radiʿa or radaʿa ("he sucked the breast of his mother"). Often it is translated as " fosterage" or " milk-kinship".

The concept of radāʿ derives from Islamic and pre-Islamic notions concerning the state of consanguinity created between wet nurse and unrelated nursling—that is, a woman and a baby other than her own—through the act of breastfeeding. Radāʿ also defines the links between various relations and family members of both wet nurse and baby, such that not only are the two forbidden in marriage to one another, but so are their relations in various combination (e.g. the nursling's biological brother with the milk-mother's biological daughter). Conversely, the milk-relationship allows usually forbidden familiarities between the two, particularly if the nursling is male and of adult stature, such as viewing the milk-mother unveiled or in private, exactly as if he were a relation.

Rada (surname)

Rada or de Rada (the latter of possibly Spanish origin) is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Antonio Rada (born 1937), Colombian footballer
  • Filip Rada, Czech football player
  • Karel Rada, Czech football player
  • Ionuţ Rada, Romanian football player
  • Marian Rada, Romanian football player
  • Petr Rada, Czech football coach
  • Ruben Rada, Uruguayan candombe singer
  • Tomáš Rada, Czech football player
  • Mark Rada, Canadian Software Specialist
  • Jeronim de Rada (or Girolamo de Rada) (1814 - 1903), Italian writer
  • Martín de Rada (or Herrada) (1533 - 1578), a Spanish Augustinian friar, missionary and traveler
  • Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada (1170 - 1247), A Spanish Roman Catholic bishop and historian

Usage examples of "rada".

Then the gods are silent and thoughtful, for they know that one day Rada Vatu will sweep them all away with a wave of his hand.

In the end the gods are as men, and Rada Vatu erases them like old figures traced in the sand.

Nor would he allow anyone who entered there to speak of persons who had died - the new chief priest acted as if he had never had a predecessor - for the palace, he said, was a labyrinth designed to confuse Rada Vatu, and time and death were banished from it.

He entered alone, without any priests or ministers, for they were not like him, he said, but ordinary men who would inevitably age and be swept away by Rada Vatu.

But he, in the prime of his manhood, was to remain ageless for ever, so that Rada Vatu would come and wager with him.

At last there were no more of them, and he came to those grey, infinite plains which have never known the tread even of Rada Vatu.

He wore only a plain white robe and was barefoot, for he knew that Rada Vatu was never impressed with finery.

Often he was laughed at or driven away with stones, but in other places men listened silently as he told the tale of his entire life, of his wager with Rada Vatu.

Slowly, then, Rada Vatu began to touch him, and he started to age, as all men do, but it did not matter.

By the time of the Cluster War most Rada were either Drin or part-Drin.

The Rada part of the personality survived to enjoy long life, power, and safety.

A pure Rada is beautiful, sensitive, timorous, and not over-intelligent.

Rada Vatu is death and that he comes to each of us at the ending of our days, but not before.

Rada Vatu shall come to me on my own terms, like an envoy I have deigned to receive.

Sornnn said, lifting a hand toward the diademed Tuskugggun, "this is Rada TurPlyen.