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init. Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania (Australian Automobile Association)

RACT (disambiguation)

RACT as an abbreviation may refer to:

  • Royal Australian Corps of Transport, a branch of the Australian Army
  • Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania, a motoring group in Tasmania, Australia
  • Reasonably Available Control Technology, a pollution control standard

Usage examples of "ract".

Grace, I should tell you immediately-and would have told you on the cinephone, had you not insisted that we defer all substantive discussion to a face-to-face-that I myself did not ract in the Primer.

And any professional could tell you that it was a rare pleasure to ract with a payer who knew what he was doing.

Some of those people are being racted, so in that case the entities happen to be human beings.

She loved racting with children, and besides it was good exercise for the voice, saying those silly little rhymes just right.

It became clear that, in the case of Elizabeth, the racting was done by hundreds of different performers.

Reading the Primer had always meant racting with other characters in the book while also having to think her way through various interesting situations.

The casting agent, which was a semiautonomous piece of software, had assembled a company of nine payers, enough to ract all the guest roles in First Class to Geneva, which was about intrigue among rich people on a train inoccupied France, and which was to ractives what The Mousetrap was to passive theatre.