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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rackety \Rack"et*y\ (r[a^]k"[e^]t*[y^]), a. Making a tumultuous noise.


a. Making a racket: noisy


adj. uncontrollably noisy [syn: rip-roaring, uproarious]

Usage examples of "rackety".

Mavranos plodded toward the front porch, the only sound was the rackety whir of an air conditioner.

He shivered in the breeze from the rackety air conditioner, and he pressed the bandage over his hip-bone, wondering if he should change it again.

I know how much it cost you to give up your ambition to purchase a pair of colours, my dear boy, and that much of your rackety behaviour since has stemmed from your obedience to my wish.

There was a rackety sound when it came down and the wire ropes slapped around and hit those poles and made a ringing sound.

And if my uncle said that he is a trifle rackety he might have spared his breath, for Stacy told me that too.

It was certainly a pleasant change from her rackety Jaguar, which was so decrepit it was practically useless and probably unsafe.

Prematurely aged though she was, Seraphine, amid her growing insanity, continued to lead a wild, rackety life, and the strangest stories were related of her.

A nice thing it would be if people was to take you for a rackety gadabout!

As the weather had warmed that spring, there had been an influx of preachers onto Fifth Avenue, a scattered flock of rackety birds migrating in from some dark, harsh land.

He buys an old rackety house at the Haarlemmer Houttuinen, fixes it up a little and whitewashes all its walls.

The house looks all right but it is rackety and three hundred years old.

Their household is the most rackety one in the county, and I believe no one ever knows to an hour or two when any particular meal will appear on the table or what it will consist of when it does appear.

Twenty seconds later the skids sank into the soft sand, the rackety clangour of the motor died away and the blades idled slowly to a stop.

It would be a miracle if they caught up with it, flying on their rackety old engines.

And I have no intention of living in a rackety house during the coming winter.