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Racić is a Serbo-Croatian surname.

It may refer to:

  • Bojana Racić, former vocalist in the Serbian rock band Cactus Jack
  • Ljubiša Racić, former guitarist in the Yugoslav rock band Bijelo Dugme
  • Zoran Racić, Serbian retired footballer
Račić (surname)

Račić is a Serbo-Croatian family name.

In Croatia, about 800 persons in 250 households bear this name and they are mostly of Croatian ethnicity and very rarely Serbs (from the Banja Luka area, BiH) or Bosniaks (from Cazin, BiH).

Notable people with this name include:

  • Aleksandra Račić (born 1990), Serbian basketball player
  • Dragoslav Račić (1905–1945), Serbian military commander
  • Jakša Račić (1868–1943), Yugoslav National Party politician
  • Josip Račić (1885–1908), Croatian painter
  • Krešo Račić (1932–1994), Croatian hammer thrower
  • Marko Račič (born 1920), Slovenian track and field athlete
  • Puniša Račić (1886–1944), Montenegrin Serb Chetnik leader
  • Stevan Račić (born 1984), Serbian professional footballer