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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rach \Rach\, Rache \Rache\ (r[a^]ch), n. [AS. r[ae]cc; akin to Icel. rakki.] (Zo["o]l.) A dog that pursued his prey by scent, as distinguished from the greyhound. [Obs.]


n. A female given name, diminutive of Rachel.


Rach may refer to:

  • Random Access Channel (RACH), a feature of mobiles or other wireless devices
  • Rach, Iran, a village in South Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Sergei Rachmaninoff, the composer. "Rach" ( or ) is a colloquial short form of his surname, most commonly used to refer to some of his compositions, such as " Rach 2" (Piano Concerto No. 2) " Rach 3" (No. 3)
  • Rachel (given name). "Rach" is the colloquial short form of this given name
  • Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital or RACH, a paediatric hospital, in Aberdeen, Scotland
  • The short name is given to some Raphael (Rafael in Spanish) in Yucatán, México.

Usage examples of "rach".

We looked at the growth and trees all around us, dripping from the oddly violent but short-lived downpour, and at my side, Rach shivered.

Hoping Rach had fared better than I had in the getting-answers department, I went looking for her.

Hopping up and down, I swore the air blue, while Rach laughed breathlessly and bent down to try to see the damage.

In the dark, coats and sweaters brushed my face, and then Rach was plastered up against me.

I had no idea how long that was going to last, so I ripped out of my bonds and hauled Rach up against me, never being so happy to hold her in my entire life.

But today, instead of helping like agents and best friends were supposed to, Rach was just sitting there like a bump on a log.

VC village named Rach Kien in Long An Province, south of Saigon in the Mekong Delta.

He had arrived that morning at Tan Son Nhut Airport outside Saigon and had been sent immediately to Long An Province and then, in the late afternoon, to join this unit at Rach Kien.

It was silly to think that burning huts would have any useful effect on the war in Rach Men District or Long An Province, but it was the first thing they had done in two weeks that had any visible effect at all.

Saigon that the battalion terminated the operation after a few more weeks and moved out of Rach Men.

I never saw a report on their success or if Rach Men District, or village, was counted as pacified.

The article said that Rach Men had always been a Vietcong district up till then, and this was the first time American troops had tried to operate there.

What occurred to me to do was to go back to working with American troops, observing, the way I did at Rach Men.

A number of them showed me in Vietnam, mainly when I was in Rach Kien, wearing field gear and carrying a Swedish K submachine gun.

Juss and Brandoch Daha cross the Zia Pass: fight with the mantichore: ascent of Koshtra Pivrarcha, entrance into Koshtra Belorn, and entertainment by Queen Sophonisba: Juss's vision of Goldry bound on Zora: the Queen's furtherance of their designs: the hippogriff hatched beside the Lake of Ravary: the fatal folly of Mivarsh: Juss in despite of the Queen's admonitions assays Zora Rach on foot and comes within a little of losing his life.