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Råby is a locality situated in Håbo Municipality, Uppsala County, Sweden with 885 inhabitants in 2010.


Ráby is a village in the Pardubice Region of the Czech Republic. It has around 560 inhabitants.

Usage examples of "raby".

Raby had that touch of generosity in her own character that never permitted her to see merit without openly acknowledging, and endeavouring to reward it.

And now the man who called himself Raymond Lully was riding his palfrey reluctantly toward Raby, in company with chainmail-clad Nevilles and half a dozen lancers.

The Nevilles left Lully safely at Raby Castle, brooding amidst the ruins of his laboratory over the escape of the salamander.

She felt all the repentance which duties neglected bring on a well-regulated mind--her pride revolted at the idea that a daughter of the house of Raby was dependent on the beneficence of a stranger--she resolved that no time should be lost in claiming and receiving her, even while she trembled to think of how, brought up as an alien, she might prove rather a burthen than an acquisition.

New York Herald of April 21, 1895, is a description and a portrait of Noah Raby of the Piscataway Poor Farm of New Jersey, to whom was ascribed one hundred and twenty-three years.