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n. 1 (given name female from=Arabic) used by Muslims, meant to symbolize the beginning of life, hope and the advent of happiness after a dark winter. The name of the first female Sufism saint, 2 The name used by Muslims to refer to the Biblical character Rebekah.


Rabia is the transliteration to mainly two different Arabic words written differently in Arabic text and properly transliterated differently:

  • An Arabic female name ( ) meaning "Companion in life" or "Springtime"
  • An Arabic female name ( ) meaning "Fourth Female".

Usage examples of "rabia".

By that time Lady Rabia, Chiana's full sister, had married Lord Patwin of Catha Heights, and the pair had invited the homeless girl to live with them.

Patwin of Catha Heights, still a widower after the death of Roelstra's daughter Rabia.

Patwin of Catha Heights, widower of Roelstra's daughter Rabia, was another excellent catch, judging by the cluster of females around him.

So had Lady Rabia of Catha Heights, whose death in childbed delivering her third daughter had come just after her husband had blocked construction of a port at the mouth of the Faolain, a primary trade objective of both Syr and the Desert.

Cada cinco minutos desfilaba con pretextos surtidos por el corredor que da al escritorio, donde Zarlenga y la Musante juntaban rabia, sin la franqueza de un insulto.

Izaea, Patwin's eldest daughter, was Kostas' niece through his wife Danladi, half-sister to the long-dead Rabia.

Rabia Awou was the best scout of Jacintha, a man of disguise and intelligence, who could transform not only his appearance, but his demeanor, as well, and infiltrate the most secretive of societies.

Les gusta la guerra y la caza, pero no son crueles inútilmente, salvo cuando están locos de rabia o dominados por algún deseo sanguinario.