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n. 1 (cx South Asia English) spring. (from 18th c.) 2 (cx South Asia English) The spring harvest. (from 19th c.)


Räbi is a village in Palupera Parish, Valga County in southeastern Estonia. It's located about north of the town of Otepää. Räbi has a population of 58 (as of 1 January 2011).

Lake Räbi and Päidla Väikejärv are located in the village.

Usage examples of "rabi".

Gaulph Rabi, an ecclesiarch and pantologist, through Clissum and Perruquil, to Ivanello, a handsome young man who wore his rich garments with enviable flair and whose manner ranged that somewhat limited gamut between easy condescension and amused disdain.

Cugel sauntered forward, to find that the cabin formerly allotted to Nissifer had been taken by the ecclesiarch Gaulph Rabi, while Porraig the steward had settled into the carpenter shop.

Old Oswi Rabi himself--too much sunk in dotage to understand what was going on--yet smiled and looked glad on the merry faces about him.

Gaulph Rabi thrust close his long nose, then shrugged and turned away.

Cugel looked from Gaulph Rabi to Doctor Lalanke, then quickly performed a genuflection before the monument.

Gaulph Rabi listened to Clissum with disapproval and put four drops of aspergantium, rather than the customary three, into his own wine.

There is another bunk in the forepeak carpenter shop, which is quiet and which will suit His Reverence Gaulph Rabi very well.

Cameron watched the ponderous labor of the Worms, and was inclined to disbelieve what Lael and Rabi had said, but that inclination disappeared only half an hour later when they returned to their cart and found it covered with white powder, the locator still beeping merrily away.

When Rabi and Lael yelled at him together, he tapped his helmet pad and shut off the radio.

Cameron, Rabi and Lael were bundled up in military fatigues over body armor and sealed helmets.

Behind him the feet of Lael, Rabi and two troopers made squishing sounds in the decaying vegetation.

Cameron turned around, saw Lael, Rabi and the two troopers sitting only feet away from him.