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Rabe (crater)

Rabe Crater is a crater in the Noachis quadrangle of Mars located at 43.9° south latitude 325.1° west longitude. It is about 108 km in diameter and was named after Wilhelm F. Rabe, a German astronomer (1893–1958).

Rabe (surname)

Rabe is a German surname meaning " raven" and may refer to:

  • David Rabe (born 1940), American playwright and screenwriter
  • Eckard Rabe (born 1948), South African actor
  • Eugene Rabe (1911–1974), German-American astronomer
  • Folke Rabe (born 1935), Swedish composer
  • Jean Rabe (born 1957), fantasy and science fiction author and editor
  • John Rabe (1882-1950), German businessman who rescued more than 200,000 Chinese during the World War II Nanjing Massacre
  • Josh Rabe (born 1978), former Major League Baseball player
  • Jutta Rabe (born 1955), German journalist
  • Karin Rabe, Swedish orienteering competitor
  • Karl Rabe (1895-1968), automobile designer and Chief Designer at Porsche
  • Laurentius Corvinus (Laurentius Rabe in German) (1465–1527), Silesian scholar and poet
  • Lily Rabe (born 1982), American actress
  • Margarete Rabe (born 1923), German World War II concentration camp guard
  • Pamela Rabe (born 1959), Canadian actor and theatre director
  • Peter Rabe (1921–1990), German-American writer, mostly of crime fiction
  • Sascha Rabe (born 1985), German ice dancer
  • Stephen G. Rabe, American historian and professor
  • Thomas Rabe (born 1951), German professor of gynaecology and obstetrics
  • Wilhelm F. Rabe (1893–1958), German astronomer

Usage examples of "rabe".

Turning back the soiled cuff to hide a worn seam, Rabe demanded that Rani hand over her treasure.

Rani did not have an opportunity to atone with Rabe, even by making the hollow gesture of handing over the indigo gloves.

Rani followed, jealously noting that Rabe was on his feet, moving parallel to Mair, shaking awake the troop with rough attention.

One youngster rubbed a filthy hand across her eyes and looked as if she were about to cry, but a stern bark from Rabe knocked her into silence.

Touched girl had brought her a warning, taking a stand against Rabe, against one of her own, to deliver it.

Eirtae and Rabe, the handmaidens who had accompanied her earlier, were present again, and they trailed the Queen in a silent glide, wrapped in their crimson hooded robes.

Anakin was disappointed at not being included, but grateful when he discovered that the viewscreen Rabe had provided allowed him to see and hear what was happening in the Naboo box.

There were no guards, but her handmaidens, Eirtae and Rabe, cloaked in their crimson hooded robes and forever watchful, stood in waiting near the door, and he was certain there were guards somewhere close as well.

Amidala sat on her shipboard throne on a raised dais set against one wall, two of her handmaidens, Rabe and Eirtae, flanking her.

Padme, Eirtae, and Rabe had changed from their crimson hooded cloaks into more functional trousers, tunics, boots, and long- waisted overcoats, and there were blasters strapped to their waists.

Bay, holding in his teeth, above the waves, the letters which the Athenian Committee had sent to the famous Captain Rabe, chieftain of the Mesara region.

That night, she and Nana made penne with gorgonzola cheese, broccoli rabe, and sock-it-to-me cake.

Engelhard Rabe his name -- had cut off the heads and veils not only of the ninth but also of the sixth nun, who had overindulged in cherries summer after summer, with the sword of the tenth knight, the fat one, who was sitting on a beam and gnawing the meat from the bones of a chicken behind closed visor.

Jean Rabe feeds her goldfish, visits museums, and attends gaming conventions.

Just past 8:30 he went into the kitchen and ate dinner: chicken marsala, fresh asparagus and broccoli rabe, risotto with morels, a sliver of apple crisp and cheddar cheese.