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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rab \Rab\ (r[a^]b), n. A rod or stick used by masons in mixing hair with mortar.


Rąb (German Romb) is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Przodkowo, within Kartuzy County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, in northern Poland. It lies approximately north of Przodkowo, north of Kartuzy, and west of the regional capital Gdańsk.

For details of the history of the region, see History of Pomerania.

The village has a population of 296.

Rab (G-protein)

The Rab family of proteins is a member of the Ras superfamily of monomeric G proteins. Approximately 70 types of Rabs have now been identified in humans. Rab GTPases regulate many steps of membrane traffic, including vesicle formation, vesicle movement along actin and tubulin networks, and membrane fusion. These processes make up the route through which cell surface proteins are trafficked from the Golgi to the plasma membrane and are recycled. Surface protein recycling returns proteins to the surface whose function involves carrying another protein or substance inside the cell, such as the transferrin receptor, or serves as a means of regulating the number of a certain type of protein molecules on the surface.

Rab (disambiguation)

Rab is an island in Croatia.

Rab may also refer to:


  • Győr (Rab in Slovak), a city in Hungary
  • Rab (town), on the island of Rab
  • Rąb, a village in Poland

As a name or nickname:

(Rab is a Scottish version of the name Robert.)

  • Rab, a name for the Talmudic rabbi Abba Arika (175-247)
  • Rab Butler (1902-1982), British Conservative politician
  • Robert Douglas (footballer) (born 1972), Scottish footballer
  • Rab Howell (1869–1937), English footballer
  • Rab Kilgour (born 1956), Scottish former footballer
  • Rab Bruce Lockhart (1916-1990), Scottish rugby union player
  • Rab Noakes (born Robert Noakes in 1947), Scottish singer-songwriter
  • Rab Shannon (born 1966), Scottish former footballer
  • Rab Smith (born 1950), Scottish former competitive darts player
  • Rab Stewart (born 1932), Scottish former footballer
  • title character of the British sitcom Rab C. Nesbitt
  • Rab (surname)

Other uses:

  • Rab (G-protein), a cellular protein in the Ras superfamily
  • Rab concentration camp, an Italian camp on the island of Rab during World War II
  • Rab battalion, a World War II unit of Yugoslav partisans during the Second World War formed by Jewish survivors of Rab concentration camp upon their liberation
  • Rab (company), a United Kingdom mountaineering clothing and sleeping bag manufacturer
  • Rab cake, a traditional Croatian cake
  • The Rabs, nickname of Scottish football club Kirkintilloch Rob Roy F.C.
  • ISO-639 code for the Camling language, spoken in Nepal
Rab (town)

Rab is a town (grad) on the island of Rab in Croatia. According to the 2011 census the total population of the town was 8,065, whereas only 437 lived in the titular settlement ( naselje). Rab, the settlement, is located on a small peninsula on the southwestern side of the island.

The town has a long history that dates back to 360 BC when it was inhabited by the Illyrians. The island was the frontier between the regions of Liburnia and Dalmatia. From the third century BC to the sixth century AD Rab was part of the Roman Empire, and Emperor Augustus proclaimed it a municipium in 10 BC. It was the first town of Roman Dalmatia to be given the honorary title "felix".

The worst disaster in the town's history was an outbreak of the plague in 1456 that decimated the city's population.

There are many churches in the town. The largest is St. Mary the Blessed, which was built in the 13th century. The church of St. Justine is now a museum of sacred arts, while the chapel of St. Christopher (dedicated to the patron saint of the island) is nowadays called the Lapidarium. The four church bell towers became the symbol of the town and island. The oldest dates back to the eleventh century.

Saint Marinus, the Christian founder of San Marino, was a native of Rab who is said to have fled the island under Diocletian's persecution in AD 301.

Rab (surname)

Rab is the surname of:

  • A. S. M. Abdur Rab (born 1945), Bangladeshi politician
  • MA Rab, general and first Chief of Army Staff of the Bangladesh Army (1971-1972)
  • Mohammad Abdur Rab, professor, humanitarian and former Chairman of the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society
  • Tibor Rab (born 1955), Hungarian former footballer
Rab (company)

Rab is a United Kingdom mountaineering clothing and camping equipment manufacturer and supplier.

The company was founded in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, by mountaineer Rab Carrington (born 1947 in Glasgow, Scotland). After studying at the University of Glasgow he became a full-time mountaineer and a climbing partner of the distinguished mountaineer Alan Rouse. He learnt how to make sleeping bags during an aborted expedition in Argentina in 1973 and started his own business in 1981, sewing the first sleeping bags himself in his attic.

Carrington sold the company in 2003 and production switched to China. The brand is now owned by Equip Outdoor Technologies UK Ltd which has its headquarters in Somercotes, Alfreton, Derbyshire, and products include insulated down jackets, waterproof jackets, overtrousers, gloves, T-shirts, baselayers, sleeping bags, and tents.

Usage examples of "rab".

Rabs frisk en frolic, en play fudder off, but dey keep der years primed.

Brer Rabbit got done laughing, he call up the little Rabs, give them some molasses for supper, and spanked them and sent them to bed.

Rab Orn and Nil Ten were playing pikit in the common room and Keyn was over in the corner, reading.

Catching the tense vibe in the room, Rab said the first thing that came into his head.

And sank stsiren thwn Torah, ay sechal e schoon, nogethe rab al e schsoas sofangren thwnhas n.

Industrial and tourist development and other economies helped stop the population decreasing on some islands after the 1970s, and selectively it even began to grow again, but the highest numbers reached at the end of the nineteen country and in the first half of the twentieth have not yet been equalled except in Rab, where the population has constantly increased since modern population censuses were introduced in 1857.

The stuff covered the helmets and space-suits of Rab Crane and Lalla Dee but could not penetrate through their air-tight glassite suits.

De times wuz hard, but de little Rabs wuz slick en fat, en des ez frisky ez kittens.

Meg was what the young folk called rab, and the hairdo this time was what his generation called amazing, shaved bare up the sides, red as fire atop, a mass of curls trailing down her neck and all these bangles on her ears.

Tl*m*nch*l, two others of his species, and Nannel Rab, the spiderlike chief project engineer, completed the group, wearing spacesuits of their own.