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Raaso (var. Raso) is a location in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. It is inhabited by the Sheekhaal clan. Raaso is situated along the Imi– Ginir road, in the Mirab Imi woreda of Afder Zone, some 40 kilometers north-west of West Imi (or Mirab Imi) village at a latitude and longitude of . Raaso is both the name of the Region as well as the name of the town. The other settlements or smaller towns around Raaso city are Buundada which is located on Shabeelle River, Dhaley and others. The area is characterised by thick, hilly bushland with seasonal rivers nearby that may carry water after rains, and where it is easy to dig shallow wells to get water available throughout the year.

The Sheekhaal (or Shekaash ) settled in this location in 2000. They are a group that specialized in Islamic teachings, and had lived across Somalia and the Somali Region.