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RAAN may refer to:

  • North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region, formerly the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte), an autonomous region of Nicaragua.
  • Right Ascension of the Ascending Node, one of six orbital elements that define the trajectory of an orbiting body

Usage examples of "raan".

Silik and Raan had confirmed that the crew was locked down, they took the information they had gathered to the temporal chamber.

As they headed for engineering, Raan tried to do what he could using the bridge controls, having little hope that anything would work.

He wondered why Raan had bothered him with such a simple problem to solve.

Eleusis that Raan Tallus had ambitions far beyond his caste, that it could make him dangerous, under certain circumstances a potential enemy.

She knew she should tell him about Dacce and Raan Tallus, but she could not.

He had to wait as the Prime Factor was in a tense and heated discussion with Raan Tallus.

As Sornnn turned away from Raan Tallus, he came face-to-face with Kwenn.

So she told him about Dacce, how he had been hired by Raan Tallus, how he had murdered Hadinnn SaTrryn, the poison she had kept bottled up inside her.

In light of that, he had to ask himself how long Raan Tallus had been plotting to take over the SaTrryn business.

The figure of Raan Tallus was tense and coiled, a spring about to be released.

I found out what Dacce had done, what Raan Tallus had ordered him to do.

He saw what Raan Tallus contrived for him to see: that the two of them vibrated to the same exact pitch, and that he responded to blindly, in a rare instance ignoring Giyan's wise counsel.