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Raabe is a German surname, derived from the German name for a bird: Rabe, in English Raven and may refer to:

  • Brian Raabe (born 1967), American baseball player
  • Ed Raabe, owner of Raabe Racing Enterprises
  • Hedwig Raabe (1844-1905), German actress
  • Herbert P. Raabe (1909-2004), German theorist, inventor and engineer, see Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem (obituary)
  • Joseph Ludwig Raabe (1801-1859), Swiss mathematician
  • Max Raabe (born 1962), German musician
  • Meinhardt Raabe (1915-2010), American actor
  • Peter Raabe (1872-1945), German composer
  • Wilhelm Raabe (1831-1910), German novelist
  • Denton Raabe (born 1990), American Marine Joint Terminal Attack Controller