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Raab (disambiguation)

Raab is a market town in the district of Schärding in Upper Austria.

Raab may also refer to:

  • German name for places in Hungary:
    • Rába river
    • Győr city
  • Battle of Raab, fought in 1809 near Győr
  • Raab (surname)
  • Broccoli Raab or Rapini, an edible vegetable used in Chinese and Italian cuisine
  • Raab-Katzenstein, German aircraft manufacturer
  • 3184 Raab, an asteroid

Raab is a market town (Marktgemeinde) in the district of Schärding in Upper Austria in Austria.

Raab (surname)

Raab is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Antoine Raab, German association footballer
  • Antonius Raab, German aeroplane designer
  • Ben Raab, comic book writer
  • Chris Raab, MTV personality
  • Dominic Raab, British politician
  • Ignác Raab, Czech Jesuit brother and painter
  • Jennifer J. Raab, president of Hunter College
  • Julius Raab, former Austrian politician
  • Kurt Raab, former German actor
  • Leopold Friedrich Raab (born 1721), German violinist and compoer
  • Michael Raab, (born 1982), American butterfly swimmer
  • Rachel Raab American photographer
  • Selwyn Raab, American journalist and writer
  • Stefan Raab (born 1966), German entertainer

Usage examples of "raab".

She ate her bowl of canned kidney beans and sprinkled or dribbled in the extra spices and flavorings that Shevites enjoyed, Indian black salt, extracts of broccoli raab and sour anchovy sauce.