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n. (plural of quirt English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: quirt)

Usage examples of "quirts".

None of the Wild Riders wore spurs, and quirts were solely ornaments of office.

Rowels and quirts were plied with energy and will, as we tore down the river-bank, making a gradual circle until the second bottoms were reached, outriding the flood by a close margin.

For the first time in a day they used their quirts, set afoot, moving among the mad to set them on their way through the gates.

Memnanan rode his besha to its feet, and the rest of the company got up, a good twenty men besides, good, agile riders, armed beneath their robes, and carrying heavy quirts, Marak noted, not solely for the beshti.

But even Luz could not make herself heard, and the soldiers plied their quirts, driving back those the crowd behind shoved forward.

So when men took a notion to go far out of their way to encroach on their stacks of baggage, or to cast desperate, covetous eyes on their beasts, they could be sure it was no innocent encounter: they took their quirts and beat them off time and again.

Marak saw it developing, and joined Tofi and his men, not just quirts now, but knives as well.