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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a quirky, hour-long TV drama
▪ And when she asked he merely gave his quirky smile.
▪ Brave personal sacrifices are juxtaposed with quirky moments.
▪ If you like mighty, if quirky, war machines, then you can choose steam tanks and war wagons.
▪ Instead, the campaign focuses on passengers in a series of quirky, surreal dream sequences.
▪ Ramsey, who grew up in a quirky Pennsylvania family, went for a long bike ride in August 1968.
▪ Stacy's rise to orchestra fame is a quirky one.
▪ Through the 1930s such quirky turns were more and more discouraged in holiday venues.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Quirky \Quirk"y\ (kw[~e]rk"[y^]), a. Full of quirks; tricky; as, a quirky lawyer.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1806, "shifty," from quirk + -y (2). Sense of "idiosyncratic" first recorded 1960. Related: Quirkily; quirkiness.


a. Given to quirks or idiosyncrasy; strange in a somewhat silly, awkward manner, potentially cute.


adj. informal terms; strikingly unconventional [syn: far-out, kinky, offbeat, way-out]

Quirky (disambiguation)

Quirky, is another name for eccentric behavior or something 'out of the ordinary' in general.

It may also refer to:

  • Quirky, an industrial design company
  • Quirky subject, a linguistic phenomenon
  • Quirkyalone, someone who enjoys being single
  • Quirky!, an abstract strategy board game; see List of board games
  • Quirky Linux, an experimental Linux distribution, related to Puppy Linux, and built using the Woof toolkit
  • Eccentricity (behavior), or quirkiness, of a person who is strange/not normal and undertakes unorthodox methodologies

Quirky is an invention platform that connects inventors with companies that specialized in a specific product category.

Usage examples of "quirky".

It is widely known that Jobs, a dropout from Reed College in Portland, had experimented with drugs and pursued a countercultural lifestyle both before and after helping found the quirky computer maker.

Still, there was no denying that Engelbart was quirky and from the outset was a handful.

His curiosity shifted to the quirky group of programmers down the hall from the AI laboratory.

But with the aid of a quirky Berkeley engineer, Jack Hawley, Xerox had refined the mouse so that it now rolled smoothly on a single ball, rather than on two wheels set at right angles.

The quirky, unstable, bad driver with the nutty family and eyes that seemed to look all the way into her soul.

Genevieve Turcotte made the obligatory introductions, while her partner looked on with a quirky smile and an amused twinkle in his eye.

His quirky arrogance was dulled, and he was paying little attention to his appearance.

Patricia was bright and quirky and full of very strange, creative ideas.

She was the same old Patricia, quirky and full of spit and vinegar, able to quote great works of literature at the drop of a hat.

He may have been quirky but at least seemed like a wise old grandfather.

And something more: clean, crisp uniform, a quirky smile and green eyes.

For himself and his fellow quirky enthusiasts, the kind of simulation arenas available to Edenists through perceptual reality environments were anathema.

Conversions from Edenist habitat memories to a standard Adamist electronic format were notoriously quirky, but this was something else again.

He moved his broken shoulder slightly, gave her a quirky little smile.

About his quotations of nineteenth-century poetry and his quirky drawings.