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Quilmes is a city in the , on the coast of the Rio de la Plata on the south east of the Greater Buenos Aires. It is the capital of the borough Quilmes (Partido de Quilmes), and has a population of 230,810. It is located south of the capital of Buenos Aires, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Quilmes (disambiguation)

Quilmes city is the capital of the Quilmes Partido, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Quilmes may also refer to:

  • Quilmes (tribe) tribe of the Diaguitas Native American groups.
  • Ruins of Quilmes, archaeological site in Tucumán Province.
  • Quilmes Partido, subdivision of the Buenos Aires Province.
  • Quilmes Atlético Club, football club from Quilmes city.
  • Quilmes de Mar del Plata, football club from Mar del Plata city.
  • Cerveza Quilmes, one of the most popular beers in Argentina.
  • Quilmes Rock, a major Argentine music festival.