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n. (alternative form of kero nodot=yes English) (Inca drinking-cup)


Querô is a 2007 Brazilian drama film directed by Carlos Cortez and starring Maxwell Nascimento, Leandro Carvalho, Eduardo Chagas, Milhem Cortaz and Nildo Ferreira. The film is based on the 1976 novel Uma Reportagem Maldita - Querô by Plínio Marcos.

Usage examples of "quero".

Indeed, Provola Quero alone would have been able to lecture them indefinitely on the design of the base living quarters, mining facilities, and engineering shop.

She would have made two of wiry little Provola Quero, with her ascetically cropped head and single tight braid-and in Hafiz's estimation, a true woman like this was worth ten of an engineerfemale like Provola.

Reassured that Provola Quero was in her office as usual Hafiz made his way there after leaving instructions that any news was to be forwarded at once to Provola's office, the suite which was kept for him in Maganos's living quarters, and any other place he might conceivably be found.

The door to Provola's office was open, and from some distance Hafiz could hear a tearful voice pleading with Provola Quero and that woman's calm, cool, responses, obviously unmoved by the petition.

The words were directed at Provola Quero, but his blue eyes -were on Judit, begging her to understand.

Provola Quero has caused to be built the very large repair and manufacturing facility which will be wanted later, only she does not need it at all yet-well, only a tiny bit of it," she said with a reproachful glance at Gill's choked-off expostulation.

Provola Quero, but his blue eyes -were on Judit, begging her to understand.