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n. (plural of queer English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: queer)

Usage examples of "queers".

I personally leaned on the only three possibles I got from State and County Parole--two queers and a real sweetheart--this tall, gray preacher type who cornholed three Marines back during the war, used to lube his prong with toothpaste.

Complete files, too tame to be Hudgens' secret stash--Commies, queers, lezbos, dopesters, satyrs, nymphos, misogynists, mobbought politicos.

He's a faggot, he's extorting queers in Fern Dell Park, I think he's leaking my 459 reports to you to the Kafesjians, he's driving around Niggertown like a crazy man, talking up how he's the new--"

Billy was there when he trashed Hinton's car, _keep calm_, the queers had shitloads to lose by admitting their connection to Fleur-deLis--which Russ Millard did not know existed.

Mal took his hands off him and got a file flash: Sammy railing against queers to Doc Lesnick, a weak point they could have played smart.

I knew Felix liked to put the squeeze on queers, so I sold him the information.

Inside her when her eyes said don't hold back--no queers, no peepers, no dope-peddler-daughter whores taunting me.